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Stehekin Wastewater Treatment Plant Replacement

Stehekin, Washington is located along the northeast shore of Lake Chelan in the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area near the south end of North Cascades National Park.  The National Park Service owns and operates a physical-chemical wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), which was designed and constructed in 1974-76 to treat 25,000 gallons per day (gpd) of domestic wastewater from the community near Stehekin Landing.  HECO completed a Condition Assessment Report on the facility, identifying WWTP building and wastewater treatment system deficiencies in order to determine the scope and need for a new wastewater treatment system.

Replacement of Non-Compliant Water Treatment System

Tuolumne Meadows is a popular destination located on Highway 120 in Yosemite National Park.  It is a high use area and is one of the Park’s most prominent attractions.  A surface water treatment system provided treated drinking water for employees and recreational visitors in the Tuolumne Meadows area.  The water treatment system was constructed in 1967 with filtration upgrades in 1984.  It was an aged facility with outdated technology.  HECO evaluated alternatives, which included treatment technologies best suited for remote sites with limited operating staff.

Providing Safe Routes to School

The project included improvements to the sidewalk condition on S. Plymouth Avenue, from a distance of approximately 1300 feet.  Sidewalk improvements include removal and replacement of existing full width sidewalks with 10 ft wide sidewalks, ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, installation of a decorative street lighting system supplemented with roadway lighting as per AASHTO standards with underground electrical conduits for power supply.  The project length is approximately 0.25 miles in length and improved the west side of S. Plymouth Ave.  The HECO Team assisted the city with obtaining funding, and design of the project.

Eagle Road Underpass Pathway

This project involved linking three existing pathways on the east and west side of Eagle Road by construction of a pedestrian underpass under Eagle Road.  Project highlights include installation of pavement, landscaping, benches, lighting, and railing along the underpass portion of the pathway.  The project passes through the existing bank and riprap along the north bridge abutment and the pathway was excavated into existing fill material on the north bank of the river while a concrete cut off stem was constructed.  Riprap armament was relocated on the lower sections of the riverbank.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements

This project included the construction of improvements to the municipal wastewater facility to meet a DEQ issued consent order and to provide adequate capacity for existing connections.  The City’s existing facility was a non-discharging facility and had reached capacity requiring frequent pumping and transport of wastewater to other facilities.  This project designed 19 million gallons, total volume, of new HDPE lined reservoirs to allow for a fully evaporative system and not require any discharge.  The facility was designed utilizing property that was located approximately 110 feet below the existing facility, which eliminated the need for pumping facilities and thereby a very sustainable system with very low operating costs.


We are able to provide our clients with a variety of options and cost reducing opportunities by staying informed of new materials and technological changes in the industry. HECO Engineers is always open to new ideas in the context of sound professional services.


HECO provides the complete range of services necessary to provide communities with a safe, dependable supply of potable water.


HECO provides the complete range of services necessary to provide communities with a safe, dependable supply of potable water.


HECO offers demonstrated experience in the design of new wastewater treatment plants, modification of existing facilities and collection systems.


HECO knows good transportation is essential and approaches  design, construction and maintenance as a well defined and executable process. 


HECO is proud to have a strong team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields, and who strive to create practical, lasting solutions that make our client’s visions become realities.

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Client Comments

National Park Service

ACASS Evaluation Remarks

“They did a very good job overall…I’m really impressed at how well they completed the design in a very short time, and they met all of our requirements. We are tough judges, and they did a great job meeting our requirements.”

City of Cambridge, ID

Former Mayor Rhodes

“HECO has helped our City by being able to professionally handle a complete range of engineering services from large projects to the small things a city needs.  Anyone should count themselves lucky to have HECO Engineers on their team!

National Park Service

ACASS Evaluation Remarks

“The A/E addressed   important problems on schedule allowing the government to negotiate construction contracting prior to the spring melt. A/E strong  points included on-time performance and responsiveness.”